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Domestic violence charges in Akron are very serious. An accusation of domestic violence could have serious repercussions that can potentially affect your future. Our Akron domestic violence attorneys at Patituce & Associates can help you.

Ohio takes such charges seriously. In cases of domestic violence, harsh punishments may be appropriate. False accusations can be made in some cases even though the accused has not done any wrong. An accuser might exaggerate the incident, embellishing it or creating details to make someone’s behavior appear worse than it actually was.

That is why it is important to seek the help of reliable and experienced Akron criminal defense attorneys. Call the offices of Patituce & Associates today to schedule a consultation.

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What Is Domestic Violence and How Can Being Charged With it Affect My Life?

Ohio uses the term “domestic violence” to describe situations in which assault and battery are committed against someone you have a relationship with. This is usually a romantic relationship between spouses, or between girlfriends or boyfriends. It can also be applied to any person you live with. That is why the term “domestic” was created.

Ohio Code Section 2919.25 and Section 3113.31 provide more information.

There have been many cases where victims died after being abused for months or years by their partners. Victims often fear telling anyone about such crimes. The courts will often believe victims if they come forward. This has meant that domestic violence suspects are assumed to be guilty.

It can be scary to face domestic violence charges in Ohio. Some of these changes could occur even before you appear in court.

  • Your visit to your children could be limited.
  • It is possible that you are prevented from returning home.
  • Information about the charges could be published in a local newspaper.
  • You may find people you know reading about your case.
  • Even if the accusations are false, they could lead to you being fired.

This is the current way things are handled, even though it’s not fair. It is important to contact a lawyer who is experienced in domestic violence defense immediately after you learn about the charges.

Are Ohio Assault and Battery Charges and Domestic Violence Charges Treated Differently?

Ohio has different laws regarding domestic violence and assault and battery. The battery is a crime if a household member is hurt by a battery. This crime could result in a $10,000 fine or 10 years imprisonment.

If the victim is not hurt in the assault/battery, the case can be treated as an ordinary assault and battery case. Only situations in which the accused has been previously convicted of domestic abuse are exempt. The penalties for a second conviction are more severe. The case will be prosecuted as a felony for third and subsequent offenses.

The term “household member” can be used to refer to a spouse, ex-spouse, someone who lives with the offender or a person with whom the offender has children.

If you are ever arrested for domestic violence, it is important to fully understand your rights as well as the charges against you. Ohio domestic violence laws are complex and can result in severe punishments. Do not attempt to resolve your case on your own. Patituce & Associates has the right criminal defense lawyers to help you.

No matter who the victim is, assault and battery are criminal offenses. Ohio domestic violence laws make the punishments more severe for cases involving domestic partners.

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How Does Ohio Law Define Domestic Violence?

Ohio’s definition of domestic violence is very precise. It can include forced imprisonment, sexual abuse, or threat of violence of any one of the following.

  • A member of the family
  • A member or the household of the offender
  • A minor child the person is currently dating or has dated in past
  • A person who is currently with or has dated an adult in the past.

Using this definition, the following could be considered domestic violence victims.

  • Family members
  • Your home is used by people
  • Your spouse
  • Anyone you are dating
  • Anyone you’ve ever had a child or a relationship with

Akron domestic violence charges could be filed against you if you threaten, abuse, or injure anyone on this list. These charges could include assault, battery, and traumatic injury.

  • Traumatic injury – This category includes injuries that are intentionally caused by force. These injuries may be internal or external.
  • Assault – Assault is the threat or inflicting injury upon another person.
  • Battery – Ohio defines battery as touching someone else with the intent of hurting them.

Domestic violence is a broad legal term. This is deliberate. Domestic violence laws were created to protect children and family members from abuse. These laws are essential, but problems can still occur. You can be charged with domestic violence if you are accused by anyone, regardless of whether the allegations are true.

What Are the Penalties for Domestic Violence in Ohio?

Domestic violence convictions usually lead to harsh penalties. For felony domestic violence, you can face a maximum $10,000 fine and up to 10 years imprisonment. Major bodily injury cases are usually referred to as felony cases.

Most domestic violence cases can be classified as misdemeanors. These cases can have severe repercussions even though they are misdemeanors.

For a first offense, a $1,000 fine and up to six months imprisonment. For cases involving a prior conviction within the past decade, the sentence can be extended to up to one and the fine increased to $2,000.

If you have been convicted of two or more offenses in the last five years, your fines will rise to $5,000. You could face up to five years of imprisonment.

Patituce & Associates has an excellent domestic violence defense attorney who can help you understand the severity of domestic violence cases.

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Understanding Temporary Protective Orders

The court can grant temporary protective orders if the petitioner (also known as the petitioner) believes they could be a victim to domestic violence. Sometimes, the judge will hold a hearing before making a decision. In some cases, the judge grants the temporary protective order solely based on the petitioner’s affidavit.

The hearing is not required to notify the person subject to the protective orders, also known as the respondent. The respondent may be prohibited from engaging in any form of domestic violence. Other provisions could also be included. The respondent might be prohibited from leaving the court’s jurisdiction with their children. They may also be required to leave the house.

Combating Ohio Domestic Violence Charges Is Important

If you have been served with a temporary restraining order or are facing domestic assault charges in Ohio, you should seek legal representation. Patituce & Associates, Akron’s defense lawyers, can ensure your rights are protected.

A restraining or temporary order can restrict your access to your children and your right to live in your home. A conviction for domestic assault or violating restraining orders can cause serious problems in your life. With a conviction on your record, you may not be able to get hired. It may be hard to find a rental property.

It is nearly impossible to have a good relationship with your children if you are facing charges like this. Other difficulties may arise when you try to purchase a gun or get a hunting license. Ohio felony domestic violence convictions usually result in fines and jail time. These charges can also lead to long-term probation.

How to Mount an Effective Defense in a Domestic Violence Case

Akron’s criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate lower charges with the district attorneys. They may be able even to dismiss your entire case in some cases. Patituce & Associates attorneys work tirelessly to get our clients a dismissal. Witnesses may change their testimony if they are questioned by an experienced interviewer. Our clients are encouraged to take classes before going to court or attending hearings. These actions show that the client seeks voluntary rehabilitation.

Domestic Violence Charges Do Not Have to Ruin Your Life

A qualified Ohio attorney can help you if you’re facing domestic violence charges. You are at risk of losing your reputation, personal freedom, or your entire future. It is important to find the right lawyer.

Domestic violence accusations against Ohio residents are common. These accusations can be triggered by strong emotions such as jealousy and anger. These accusations can also occur in a divorce, or when there are child custody disputes. Sometimes police make mistakes and arrest someone for domestic abuse when they are defending themselves. Sometimes, issues are caused by an accident or involve two people in a mutual struggle.

Our Akron Domestic Violence Attorneys Can Help You With Your Case

Patituce & Associates can help you if you’re facing domestic violence charges. Your future can be affected by the actions you take over the next few days.

Domestic violence allegations can have a significant impact on your personal and professional life. Even if you’re innocent, these charges can make you feel guilty. You might be barred from visiting your house or seeing your children. You might even be required to wait until your court date in prison.

Our Akron domestic violence attorneys will do everything possible to minimize the negative impact of such charges on your life. Get a free consultation today. We are available to answer your questions about your case. It is crucial to hire a lawyer, as your entire future is at risk. Call our offices today at 440-471-7784.

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